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Manual Liquid Bottle Filling Machine, Liquid Bottle Filling Machine Manual

  Bhanushali Semi Automatic Twin Head Liquid Filling Machine
Semi Automatic Twin Head Liquid Filling Machine
» Pharmaceuticals
» Food Industries
» Beverage
» Cosmetic
» Chemicals

Note:- manual hand operated liquid bottle filling machine for wine, mineral water, syrup, soft drink, hair oil, shampoo, cosmetics, liquid, juices, flavored milk, liquor, pharmaceutical syrup. We have two head & forehead manual liquid bottle filling machines are available.

  Salient Features
» The unit is made compact, enclosed in stainless steel elegantly mate / mirror finished body.
» Easy to Operate and No Maintenance
» The unit consists of S.S. filling nozzle , S.S. Syringes,
» Cam operated Syringes will draw correct volume of liquid and deliver it through tubes to nozzle.
» Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance, S.S.Covers parts for longer life and good house keeping.
» Elegant and easy reach on / off switch for total control on operation.
» The stroke of Nozzle Holder and the height of the Nozzles is adjustable for achieving smooth entry and exit of Nozzles inside the neck of Containers and avoids splash / spillage of liquid or dripping at sides.
» The unit can be quickly dismantled for maintenance just by opening front cover.
» Each and Every part can be attended for cleaning operation or maintenance without any hindrances.

  Technical Details
Output 8 to 12 Bottles (Containers)  / Min  (depending on the volume and Viscosity of the liquid)                                         
Power 1 HP Motor for Main Drive
Overall Dimensions 520 (L) x 620 (w) x 750 (H) in mm
Net Weight Max. 120 kgs.

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